Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spam Email from Nation Newspapers????

I believe the following email was a spam.

From: Nation Media Group (Nation_Media_Group_rqgvybv@cmpgnr.com)


Thank you for the continuous support you have given nationmedia.com and for choosing to make it your preferred source of information on Kenya and the East African region. We also want to thank you for the feedback on our news, the interactive forums and also the news updates from all over the world that you (our members) send to us for publishing.
We have received a lot of requests for delivery of hard copies of our publications to Kenyans in all major cities of the world. In this regard, we are writing to know if you would be interested in this kind of service.
Kindly respond to this mail indicating the following:-

· If you would like to receive delayed hard copies.

· Which publications

· Town of residence

· Country of residence

Available publications on this service are:-


Indicate preferred publication

Indicate acceptable price

Daily Nation (Monday Friday)

Saturday Nation

Sunday Nation

Business Daily (Monday Friday)

The EastAfrican (Weekly)

Taifa Leo (Monday Saturday)

Taifa Jumapili

We would also appreciate if you spread the word to other Kenyans interested in getting a hard copy through this initiative. We would also like to clarify that due to logistical issues; the copies will always be a few days late, depending on your location.


Ssembonge said...

It looks legit. www.cmpgnr.com

With TV on the web I'm slowly weaning from newspapers. And what is it with their layouts. There seems to be a shortage of competent web designers in Kenya.

Courtney said...

Sorry to leave a personal message on your blog - but I don't know how else to reach you. Can you send off an email to me at rhetorical_jabber@yahoo.com so I have your contact info? Thanks,
Courtney (FEE)

Fedha said...

I got the same exact email- wonder how they got my email address??...for siasa news see kentv or youtube. Those dailies are becoming bogus!

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