Sunday, September 02, 2007

Main Looters in The Kroll Report

  1. Joshua Kulei
  2. Gideon Moi
  3. Nicholas Bowott
  4. Phillip Moi
  5. Mukesh Gohil
  6. Harbinder Sigh Sethi
  7. Naushad Norali Merali
  8. Akber Esmail
  9. Rohit Pattni
  10. Vaju Pattni
  11. Nicholas Biwott, (using GoK)
  12. Mukesh Gohl (Again)
  13. Harbinder Sethi (Again)
  14. Gabriel Moussa Katri
  15. Naushad Merali (Again)
  16. Akber Esmail (Again)
  17. Horatius Da Gama Rose
  18. Rohit Pattni
  19. Team Simoco (Biwott’s)


kenyaonly said...

...and yet most of the listed people are still enjoying government support and also still seeking for tenders through their fictitious companies

Kenyanomics said...

.....and some are making billions through IPOs.