Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On Bureaucrats and Tribal Politics

Am not amused by Prof. Njuguna's appointment as the new CBK governor. We all know that a fair share of parastatal jobs are reserved for the big man's home boyz. This happened with the colonial government, Kenyatta, Moi and now with the Kibaki administration. Any other president--be it Raila, Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Ngilu, Muiru, Ojiambo, or Ruto will do the same.

That's why the parliament must start approving senior civil servants hirings. But our September House attendees (MPs) are busy politicking on re-elections and on unmet political promises. The most vocal ones ( read "saviors" in ODM) preferred to board the next flight to

Am sure Prof. Njuguna's appointment will soon be a thing of the past, just like the dictatorial appointment of the new ECK board came to pass.

I dare say that not all home boyz are bad boyz. Githongo and Cheserem (not quite sure of him) are examples of home-boyz-gone-wild. But will Professor Njuguna join this group? Only time will tell.

Please let Kenyanomics know of any bureaucrat that did not toe the "T" word line. Was Githongo the first?

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kenyaonly said...

Should we call Kibaki's government a circle of friends and relatives? i do agree with you and current appointment of Prof, does not only add injury to the existing problem but brought it to light that you do not have to be qualifies to get the top job all you have to do is be a golf partner. Look around his cabinet and people he has appointed to top position few are under age of 60 and almost all of them happen to have been long term golf club members at either Muthaiga, Kiambu or Windsor country clubs. Is this a coincidence that they get the job or what!!!!