Monday, March 05, 2007

"KNEC website exposes candidates to fraudsters"

It’s great that candidates of KNEC exams can access their results online. Graduates with tuition balances will no longer beg for a peek of their results. But the examination council's technological move has compromised on candidates' privacy, given that anybody can access the results online. KNEC should consider assigning passwords to candidates, as the following opinion piece suggests (The Standard, March 06, 2007). I don't think anybody wants his/her Kiswahili D+ to be broadcasted worldwide.

KNEC website exposes candidates to fraudsters

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) posts results on its website.

This has catapulted the examination and education system to the technological age. But there are ethical issues on the matter.

It is possible to get access to personal candidate’s information — full names, index numbers and examination results. This is gross invasion of privacy.

I am not well versed with privacy and confidentiality law, but I consider this unacceptable. The information will be invaluable to fraudsters who can use it to produce fraudulent certificates.

KNEC should introduce privacy restrictions. To access personal information, a unique identifier known only to the candidate should be given.

Njeri Kagotho, US


Anonymous said...

please would you post the JULY knec exams for the colleges of this year. last year you failed to post them and it was very hectic to travel to the various college. i support the idea very much

Anonymous said...

pliz post last years college results for oct/nov series we are traveling long distances for confirmations pliz.

Anonymous said...

please post this year results for july series

Anonymous said...

pliz post the july and may series exam for colleges,coz in US that is how it happens which we nornally tend to copy from.

Anonymous said...

it's quit unfair to have dates for release of kcpe and kcse results but u(knec) don have these dates when it comes to other exams u offer like college exams, whats up...?, please post those reults for july en oct/nov series we need to see what we'v got

Anonymous said...

Hi u guys (knec)? It's quite prudent for recognized institution like KNEC body to uphold its integrity without discriminating other unprivileged sector ( college results).Becoz traveling place like Mfangano island to Mombasa for a glimpse, if not possessing,KNEC results is uneconomical to the upcoming envisaged 2030 of advanced technology.

Anonymous said...

why do you ask for birth certificates alafu in the results the names appears differently? look at that since we are getting certificates containing different names especially for those doing stage exams

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