Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ignorance Vs. Kenyan Athletes

Ignorance can be very expensive. It proved so to Mushir Salem Jawher, a Kenyan-born athlete who got stripped of his Bahrain nationality. Reason: he raced in Israel, which is not recognized by his Islamic home country. The shell-shocked athlete protested his innocence by stating that he was “never told it was illegal (for a Bahraini) to enter Israel.” But who was supposed to enlighten him (and other athletes) of global politics. Is it Sports Minister Maina Kamanda, Athletics Kenya, 8-4-4 or athletes themselves? Commonsense says it is the latter. Kenyan athletes should do more research before jumping ship, lest they get themselves into stateless situations or with curtailed liberties.


kenyaonly said...

lol at this article, i read it and wondered whether the guy was just ignorant or arrogant. if he had taken up Bahrain citizenship why did he have to use Kenyan passport. i think he was just money hungry and definitely knew what he was doing.

Acolyte said...

I have written a post touching on this issue but havent put it up yet. I think that ex-Kenyan athletes should now know to read the small print when they decide to sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Kenyanomics said...

Kenyaonly-- Maybe the athlete knew what he was doing. I wonder how Israeli Immigration and race organizers would have reacted, had he presented a Bahrain passport. The use of Kenyan passport also indicates our government's laxity in implementing the country's immigration policies. Or why was Mushir still using Kenyan passport three years after defection?
Acolyte-- I hope our future 'defectees' have learnt something.

Odegle said...

i thought the athletes had managers in bahrain? are they allowed to register for races just on their own like that? who registered the poor man?

Kenyanomics said...

Odegle---It doesn't matter who registered Mushir. He was a Bahrainian citizen, thus bound to rules and regulations of his country's athletics association.

Anonymous said...

wacha politics for politicians stick to economic issues

coldtusker said...

U r blaming the guy for ditching Kenyan citizenship but MOST Kenyans would do the same for the right financial reasons...

There are many Kenyans who serve in the US military in order to:
- have a well paying job (by Kenyan standards)
- attain US citizenship & thus some financial stability

If Kenya had an enabling environment instead of these idiots e.g. KFF, then more Kenyans would remain in the Kenya!

That said... the guy was at fault... Muslim nations & Israel don't mix! Perhaps he shoule become Israeli & beat the 'fake' Bahrainis & Qataris... to show them up!

Anonymous said...

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