Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Badly Timed Post

Kibaki’s dictatorial appointment of nine new electoral officials made my post on ECK totally useless. The sequence of my post and news reports is just disappointing:

  • 09:21 (-5:00GMT)—Kenyanomics posts “A Tale of Kenya’s 21 Electoral Commissioners.” I intended to explain how political appointments have continuously caused chaos at the Commission.
  • 16:00 (-5:00GMT) – The Nation and EA Standard report that Kibaki has appointed nine new commissioners.


Anonymous said...

ok,im tempted to respond but as it is the constitution and the law gives kibaki the exact power he exercised
now we can argue about whether this law or power are right or wrong but what i know know is that parliament has been in session for the past 4 years and making laws is the responsibility of the legislature - where have he law makers been ? or is it that our law makers suffer from the 7 year old soccer syndrome.

Bottom line is that the legislature has had 4 years to enact laws or change unjust laws and it has not

Anonymous said...


Msanii_XL said...

Best deal is just block anon postings btw everyone knows who the idiot is...

Kenyanomics said...

Msanii thanks a lot. I will surely take your advice.
As for the shameless idiot, chuma yake iko jikoni.

coldtusker said...

Let the idiots be and blog freely and often!

Its funny that these same idiots were crying about lack of freedom of the press!

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