Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kapenguria Six: The End of an Era

The last of the famous Kapenguria Six freedom fighters just died. Here is a summary of their lives after independence.

The Gentlemen

Post after 1963

Age & Life

Jomo Kenyatta


89, Filthy rich

Achieng' Oneko

Information Minister

88, Lived well

Bildad Kaggia

Education Ass. Minister

82, Died Poor

Fred Kubai

Labor Minister

79, Died Poor

Paul Ngei


81, Died Poor

Kung'u Karumba



Kenyanomics salutes them!!!!


mimi tu said...

they said i WASNT economically viable....thats why i have issues with it lol

kenyaonly said...

Great article. seems like Kenyans forget about the people who gave out there all so that they can enjoy the freedom. Thats the same way we have forgoten the Rubia and Matiba's of our days.

lol @ mimi tu comments

Wambui said...

thanks for the history lesson :)

Kenyanomics said...

Mimi tu--> Even better. They have to commit more resources ndio wa-benefit from your economic value.

KenyaOnly--> Yes, some of our freedom fighters have lived sorry lives. But do Kenyans owe them luxurious lives? Do we, for instance, have to bail millionare Matiba from his financial woes? Will drop you an email on this issue.

Wambui wa Maitu--> karibu sana.

kenyaonly said...

Kenyanomics, I dont think we need to support the freedom fighters financialy but some of them have lived a terrible life such that they dont even have enough funds to afford medical attention. Government should take the initiative of making sure such individuals do not suffer to an extent they are seeking public help

mmnjug said...

Its unfortunate that most of them died paupers. While their job was truly remarkable, its sad that they just go unappreciated.

Thanks for the history lesson and the state of lives that they have read. Lets work to see to it that we don't let down their ideals for a prosperous country

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jesse masai said...

interesting read.

Jacqueline said...

Wonderful history about the Capenguria 6.
Janice Achieng.

Jacqueline said...
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Jacqueline said...

Wonderful history about Capenguria 6.

Anonymous said...

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