Monday, April 02, 2007

On the Trail of Moi’s Dream-Team

The twenty first century belongs to Moi’s dream Team Alums. The six gentlemen did not succeed in streamlining government bureaucratic procedures, but they have done wonders in their respective corporate, academic, and non-profit careers.

It all started with Kitili Mbathi going to work for Stanic Uganda, which recently rocked Ugandan Stock Exchange; then Titus Naikuni taking the helm of Kenya Airways; then Oduor Otieno becoming the CEO at KCB; Dr. Wilfred Mwangi heading research projects at ICRAF; Mwagazi Mwachofi flying high with Celtel International; and Richard Leaky becoming the short-term care taker of Transparency International (Kenyan Chapter).

Google could not tell Kenyanomics what the sixth technocrat (Prof Shem Migot-Adhola) is up to. Does anybody know what Prof Migot-Adhola is doing of late? Following is a summary of Dream Team's occupations, during and after the 1999 dream:

Team Members



Martin Oduor-Otieno

Treasury PS

KCB Chief

Richard Leaky

Cabinet Sec.


Titus Naikuni

Transport PS


Dr Wilfred Mwangi

Energy PS


Mr Mwaghazi Mwachofi

Financial PS


Kitili Mbathi

Investstment PS

Stanbic UG

Prof Shem Migot-Adhola

Agric PS


Bottomline—: Kenya would be a different place if the state operated like the private sector.


coldtusker said...

See what Kenyan brains are capable of...

And that idiot moi wanted to use them as an excuse... that they were "under-performers"...

Leakey is (almost) retired. He (& others) chose the dream team.

BTW, Joseph Kinyua is still FS in Ministry of Finance.

kenyaonly said...

I agree with you Kenyans have brains and its upto the government to realize the benefits of such people. There are also many Kenyans abroad whom if given a chance can take Kenya to another level. This is a great article

inspectordanger said...

That is why the proposal that the ministerial position be given to top performing chiefs in the private sector should be upheld. Would our ever greedy MP let this happen?

Kenyanomics, we need to talk about "gumbaru" a little. You know what I mean ;)

pesa tu said...

Just shows that MOI was a good judge of character(when he wanted to be).Most of his appointees in other fields have also performed well

coldtusker said...

Pesa - moi did not choose them...

He chose Leakey with his reputation as an efficient administrator & under pressure.

When the Dream Team started showing they were not moi's rubber stamps... all hell broker loose.

All (except Kinyua) were either fired or had to "resign"... Naikuni made a pithy remark upon hearing the news (on the radio) about his firing...

"I thank whoever gave me this job" (paraphrased).

Anonymous said...

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